They say that money cannot buy happiness but some may second guess that statement after reading about these private jets. Fame, fortune, and a dash of good old hard work have provided a select few individuals in the world with the luxuries aboard these crafts. These private jet owners have taken the art of flying to a whole new level. Gold fixtures, master bedrooms, full kitchens and living rooms, even parking spaces for their Rolls Royce, are but a few of the features these unique jets offer. Like personal kingdoms in the sky, there’s next to nothing these private jet owners haven’t thought to have customized in their beloved aircraft.

Without further delay, let me introduce you to the exquisite wonders of the world’s eight most famous private jets.

Donald Trump’s Trump Force One

Trump Private Jet
Trump Force One is a converted Boeing 757 owned by none other than real estate tycoon, President of the United States, Donald Trump. The Trump Force One first took flight back in 1991 as a commercial airliner. After twenty years of dutifully hauling passengers, this lucky aircraft was purchased by Trump for $100 million and completely refitted to accommodate his personal style. First thing on the list was having two Rolls Royce RB211 turbofan engines and an unusually creative glass cockpit installed. As with any true love you must adorn them properly, Trump completely accessorized the Trump Force One in 24 Karat gold fixtures everywhere the eye could see. Trumps one of a kind private jet also features a dining room, bathroom, shower, bedroom, guest room, and a galley for behind the scenes meal prep.

John Travolta’s Backyard Airport

John Travolta's Backyard Airport

You read that correctly, while most of us strive to have that perfect play-set, swimming pool, or tree fort in our backyards, John Travolta has an actual airport in his. Travolta’s house, which he shares with his wife, actress Kelly Preston, is a completely functional airport with two runways to accommodate the five aircraft he owns, including a Boeing 707-138 that was previously a part of Quanta’s Airways’ fleet. Travolta, now 64 years old, has had his private pilots license since the age of 22. Unlike most actors who have a passion for the screen, Travolta has said that in truth it was acting that funded his passion for aviation and not the other way around. While his private jets may not have the golden glimmering fixtures of the Trump Force One, none other than Travolta himself can say he steps out of private jets right into the comfort of his home.

Jackie Chan’s Embraer Legacy 500

Jackie Chan's Embraer Legacy 500

In 2016 Jackie Chan, martial artist, actor, and stuntman shelled out a whopping $20 million dollars for the first Embraer Legacy 500 to ever be delivered to a Chinese customer. Though it wasn’t Chan’s first private jet or even his first Embraer, the Legacy 500 has the best technology to date providing the ultimate in comfort and efficiency. The Legacy 500 is a mid-size business jet with a range of 3,600 miles. The jet is powered by two Honeywell HTF75000E Turbofan engines producing more than 7,000 pounds of force, capable of reaching 0.83 times the speed of sound and flying as high as 45,000 feet in the air. Chan’s Legacy 500 is dragon themed customized with flashes of red and yellow painted down its sides and Chan’s personal logo beaming brightly from the tail-fin.

Tyler Perry’s Gulfstream III

Tyler Perry's Gulfstream III

Tyler Perry, actor, comedian, and filmmaker, owns a Gulfstream III worth an astounding $125 million. Not only does his private jet feature a screening room with a 42 inch LCD screen television as well as satellite TV, but Perry also put an additional $50 million into customization. This amazing jet features onboard special lighting and electronically controlled cool mood window shades. With a formal dining room, kitchen, and VIP bedroom, Perry’s Gulfstream III is truly a home among the clouds. As if the price tag and customization wasn’t enough to get Perry’s private jet featured on our top 8 list, it is also famously remembered as the jet that flew Whitney Houston’s body home after her tragically shocking 2012 death.

Tiger Woods’ Gulfstream G550

Tiger Woods' Gulfstream G550

Not to be outdone by Perry’s Gulfstream III professional golfer Tiger Woods Gulfstream G550 also makes the list. Worth approximately $55 million this private jet flies nearly 7500 miles before needing to refuel. Plenty of time for Woods to take a nap between stops or even to change his attire in the walk-in wardrobe he has onboard. After all, who wouldn’t want the option to change their clothes mid-air? Comfortably seating up to 18 passengers this private jet also offers it’s passengers spacious bathrooms and elegant dining.

Jim Carrey’s Gulfstream V

Jim Carrey's Gulfstream V

Staying with the Gulfstream trend, actor Jim Carrey’s Gulfstream V is anything but ordinary. At an estimated value of $59 million, the Gulfstream V is nearly one of a kind. In fact, there are only 193 of this particular private jet in the entire world. The majority of them are in use with various military forces. Not only is Carrey’s jet one of the more rare models, but it is also one of the fastest jets in the air today. The Gulfstream V’s top speed is a whopping 600 miles per hour! Featuring 100% fresh air quality, Carrey’s jet is an absolute retreat for up to 16 passengers and two crew members. Owned by very few individuals, including John Travolta and Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey is proud to be among an elite group of people to own the Gulfstream V.

Jimmy Buffet’s Hemisphere Dancer

Jimmy Buffet's Hemisphere Dancer

Jimmy Buffet, a famous musician and owner of two restaurant chains, is also the owner of easily, one of the most unusual air-crafts on our list. Buffet’s Grumman HU-16 Albatross, named “The Hemisphere Dancer”, is an ex-military jet capable of landing on both runways and water. In 1996 The Hemisphere Dancer was mistaken as a drug runner plane by Jamaican authorities. Consequently, Buffet’s jet was shot at but fortunately no one was injured. Loyal to his musical ways, Buffet wrote a song about the incident on his album “Banana Wind”. As of 2003, the retired Hemisphere Dancer has been on display at Lone Palm Airport just outside of Buffet’s Margaritaville Cafe in Orlando.

Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal’s Airbus A380

Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal's Airbus A380

Businessman, investor, Saudi royal family member Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal paid a hefty $200 million for his Airbus A380. To top that off he added an additional $300 million into customizing this private jet. Appropriate to its name, the Airbus A380 is designed for a minimum of 600 passengers. The world’s largest airliner is built with over two decks giving the Prince plenty of room to set things up to his specifications. Unusual accommodations such as an onboard parking space for his Rolls Royce as well as it’s own concert hall with a grand piano are some of the many features you can feast your eyes on in this one of a kind private jet. The Airbus boasts five master bedrooms and 20 smaller private guest rooms. Built for a king, the Airbus A380 is the ultimate palace in the sky.