A Look at the Best Private Jets

There are a lot of private jet companies serving L.A. these days. Some of them are high-end charter companies such as NetJets, BlackJet and Regent Jet, which charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for blocks of time. If you can afford one of these services then you will certainly enjoy a good time in a luxurious vehicle, but most people simply don’t have that kind of money.

Los-Angeles-Private-Jets-214x300Companies like BlackJet and NetJets offer the ultimate in freedom and convenience. When you charter a jet you get the jet exclusively for your own use and you can have it go almost anywhere you want. You set the schedule and the destination, and that’s what you’re paying for.

If you’re willing to give up that freedom and that flexibility, then you can get a private jet for a much less expensive price, and still enjoy the luxury of having a jet take you and your buddies where you want to go, with none of the hassle of having to brave a commercial airport. Some of the best private jet companies in Los Angeles offer amazing deals for those who are willing to book in advance.

For example, JetSuite is an affordable jet hire company that posts any unbooked legs on its website on a regular basis, so if you are willing to keep checking the website you can grab a bargain on jet hire to a specific destination. They do legs from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, for example, which offer a great opportunity to enjoy a high roller weekend away – without paying high roller prices.

Another popular company is AirPartner. This private jet company is British owned and run, and primarily serves Europe, but it is still worth keeping an eye on for those times when you want to really impress someone special.

If you’re looking for something more flexible than an empty leg jet service, you may want to consider Dreamline Aviation. This company offers turboprop, midsize jet and light jet hire. To a range of destinations.

The evoJets service is another popular jet hire company based out of New York that offers good service and a wide selection of aircraft.

Options for Flying

When most people think of flying out of Los Angeles, they think of the Los Angeles International Airport. This airport is located about 16 miles away from the center of town, and is the main airport for the area. However, it is not necessarily the best choice for using private jets in the Los Angeles area. There are other airports that are just as convenient to get to, quieter, and less stressful to navigate. If you want the best flying experience you would be better served choosing one of those airports. Of course, if the FBOs that you want to use are Landmark Aviation or Atlantic Aviation then Los Angeles International Airport is a good choice.

The LA/Ontario International Airport is located 38 miles east of the downtown part of LA, and it is served by Atlantic Aviation, ASIG General Aviation Services and Guardian Jet Center. This airport is less crowded than LAX but it is still a well-served hub.

Van Nuys airport is widely regarded as the biggest general aviation airport in the world. It is situated in the San Fernando Valley within the Los Angeles city limits. It is served by five significant FBOs, including Castle and Cooke Aviation, Maguire Aviation Group, Pentastar, Clay Lacy Aviation and Signature Aviation. While most people don’t think of Van Nuys as a significant passenger hub, it is a popular airport.

The Bob Hope Airport is the best airport for people who want to be close to Hollywood. It is located just a few miles away from Burbank’s business district, and it is served by Million Air Burbank and Atlantic Aviation.

Long Beach Airport is ideal for people who want easy access to Huntington beach and Paulo Verdes. It is well served in terms of private and corporate aviation, with Mercury Air Center, Signature Flight Support, AirFlite and Aeroplex all serving the area.

The John Wayne Airport is the best airport for easy access to the Honda Center, Disneyland and the Anaheim Angel Stadium. It is located in Santa Ana and it is served by Signature Flight and Atlantic Aviation.

Whiteman Airport is a relatively small airport that serves general aviation, it is located in Pacoima, just one mile away from downtown. The airport is so small that it provides its own FBO services, and it has just one restaurant, Rocky’s Cafe.

Chino Airport is the furthest afield, 43 miles south of downtown LA. The airport has two museums attached to it, the Planes of Fame museum and the Yanks Air Museum. It is served by three FBOs; Threshold Technologies, Championship Aviation and Encore Jet Center.

LA-Jet-Charters-300x200Which private jets you choose and which airports you fly out of will depend on your budget, how many people are flying with you and where you want to go. The empty routes option is ideal if you want to “live large” on a budget and aren’t too bothered about where you go or when you go there. You can find some good deals on popular routes if you are willing to shop around and wait until a route opens up. Of course, the best way to fly is to just hire a block of aircraft time and tell the pilot where you want to go, but this is an incredibly expensive way to travel and can only really be done if money is no object.

You may find that joining a club and pooling finances is the best way to rent jets in Los Angeles. This gives you the chance to save money on the rental and you could have some fun meeting like minded aviation enthusiasts along the way. You can take it in turns to decide where the jet goes, and pool your resources to save a lot of money.